IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security
4–6 October 2021 // Virtual Conference

Technical Sessions

IEEE CNS 2021 Technical Program

Monday, October 4, 2021

10:20 - 11:20

Session 1A: Security and Privacy in Smart Cities, Internet of Things

  Session Chair: Linke Guo (Clemson University)

A Model Obfuscation Approach to IoT Security
Yunqi Guo and Zhaowei Tan (UCLA, USA); Kaiyuan Chen (UC Berkeley, USA); Songwu Lu (University of California at Los Angeles, USA); Ying Nian Wu (UCLA, USA)

Mitigating Energy Depletion Attacks in IoT via Random Time-Slotted Channel Access
Savio Sciancalepore (Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), The Netherlands); Pietro Tedeschi (Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar); Usman Riasat (Hamad Bin Khalifa University, The Netherlands); Roberto Di Pietro (Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar)

LICE: Lightweight certificate enrollment for IoT using application layer security
Joel Höglund (RISE, Sweden); Shahid Raza (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Sweden)

10:20 - 11:20

Session 1B: Security and Privacy in Cellular Networks 

  Session Chair: Kai Zeng (George Mason University)

Device-Centric Detection and Mitigation of Diameter Signaling Attacks against Mobile Core
Zhaowei Tan, Boyan Ding and Zhehui Zhang (UCLA, USA); Qianru Li (UCLA); Yunqi Guo (UCLA, USA); Songwu Lu (University of California at Los Angeles, USA)

CUPS Hijacking in Mobile RAN Slicing: Modeling, Prototyping, and Analysis
Rupendra Nath Nath Mitra (University of Edinburgh & Ericsson Inc., United Kingdom (Great Britain)); Mohamed M Kassem (University of Surrey, United Kingdom (Great Britain)); Jon Larrea and Mahesh K Marina (The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom (Great Britain))

A Game-Theoretic Approach for Probabilistic Cooperative Jamming Strategies over Parallel Wireless Channels
Zhifan Xu, Melike Baykal-Gursoy and Predrag Spasojević (Rutgers University, USA)

11:25 - 12:25

Session 2A: Anonymity and Privacy Technologies

  Session Chair: Chiu C. Tan (Temple University)

Very Pwnable Network: Cisco AnyConnect Security Analysis
Gerbert Roitburd and Matthias Ortmann (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany); Matthias Hollick (Technische Universität Darmstadt & Secure Mobile Networking Lab, Germany); Jiska Classen (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)

Privacy, Security and Utility Analysis of Differentially Private CPES Data
Md Tamjid Hossain and Shahriar Badsha (University of Nevada, Reno, USA); Haoting Shen (UNR, USA)

Hiding the Topology of an IEEE 802.15.4 Network with Limited Energy
Sara Beatriz Schwarz (Duke University & Carnegie Mellon University, USA); Dimitrios-Georgios Akestoridis and Patrick Tague (Carnegie Mellon University, USA); Hanan Hibshi (Carnegie Mellon University & King Abdul-Aziz University, USA)

11:25 - 12:25

Session 2B: Security and Privacy in Peer-to-Peer and Overlay Networks

  Session Chair: Meenakshi Tripathi (Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur)

On Game-theoretic Computation Power Diversification in the Bitcoin Mining Network
Suhan Jiang and Jie Wu (Temple University, USA)

SPON: Enabling Resilient Inter-Ledgers Payments with an Intrusion-Tolerant Overlay
Lucian A Trestioreanu (University of Luxembourg & Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SNT), Luxembourg); Cristina Nita-Rotaru (Northeastern University, USA); Aanchal Malhotra (Boston University, USA); Radu State (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

ConMan: A Connection Manipulation-based Attack Against Bitcoin Networking
Wenjun Fan (Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China); Sang-Yoon Chang (University of Colorado Colorado Springs, USA); Xiaobo Zhou (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, USA); Shouhuai Xu (University of Colorado Colorado Springs, USA)

14:05 - 15:05

Session 3A: Intrusion Detection

  Session Chair: Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman (Florida International University)

Translating Intrusion Alerts to Cyberattack Stages using Pseudo-Active Transfer Learning (PATRL)
Stephen Moskal and Shanchieh Jay Yang (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)

GADoT: GAN-based Adversarial Training for Robust DDoS Attack Detection
Maged Abdelaty (Fondazione Bruno Kessler & University of Trento, Italy); Sandra Scott-Hayward (Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom (Great Britain)); Roberto Doriguzzi-Corin and Domenico Siracusa (Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy)

A Hierarchical Architecture and Probabilistic Strategy for Collaborative Intrusion Detection
Christoph Hardegen, Mike Petersen and Chukwuebuka Ezelu (Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Germany); Timo Geier (Hochschule Fulda - University of Applied Science, Germany); Sebastian Rieger (Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Germany); Ulrich Buehler (University of Applied Sciences Fulda, Germany)

14:05 - 15:05

Session 3B: Security and Privacy in Cyber-Physical System 1

  Session Chair: Qiben Yan (Michigan State University)

DREVAN: Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Vulnerability-Aware Network Adaptations for Resilient Networks
Qisheng Zhang (Virginia Tech, USA); Jin-Hee Cho (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA); Terrence J. Moore and Frederica Nelson (Army Research Laboratory, USA)

A Symmetric Cipher Response-Based Cryptography Engine Accelerated Using GPGPU
Jordan Wright (Northern Arizona University, USA); Zane Fink (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA); Michael Gowanlock, Christopher R Philabaum, Brian Donnelly and Bertrand Cambou (Northern Arizona University, USA)

Context-Aware IoT Device Functionality Extraction from Specifications for Ensuring Consumer Security
Upakar Paudel and Andy Dolan (Colorado State University, USA); Suryadipta Majumdar (Concordia University, Canada); Indrakshi Ray (Colorado State University, USA)

16:10 - 17:10

Session 4A: Malware Detection and Mitigation

  Session Chair: Haoting Shen (University of Nevada, Reno)

An uneven game of hide and seek: Hiding botnet CnC by encrypting IPs in DNS records
Martin Fejrskov (Telenor Denmark); Jens M. Pedersen (Aalborg University, Denmark); Leon Böck (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany); Emmanouil Vasilomanolakis (Aalborg University, Denmark)

Chimera: Autonomous Planning and Orchestration for Malware Deception
Md Mazharul Islam (University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA); Ashutosh Dutta (UNC Charotte, USA); Md Sajidul Islam Sajid (University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA); Ehab Al-Shaer (Carnegie Mellon University, USA); Jinpeng Wei (University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA); Sadegh Farhang (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

PORTFILER: Port-Level Network Profiling for Self-Propagating Malware Detection
Talha Ongun, Oliver Spohngellert, Benjamin Miller, Simona Boboila, Alina Oprea and Tina Eliassi-Rad (Northeastern University, USA); Jason Dale Hiser, Alastair Nottingham, Jack Davidson and Malathi Veeraraghavan (University of Virginia, USA)

16:10 - 17:10

Session 4B: Security and Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems 2

  Session Chair: Jie Wu (Temple Unviersity)

EthClipper: A Clipboard Meddling Attack on Hardware Wallets with Address Verification Evasion
Nikolay Ivanov and Qiben Yan (Michigan State University, USA)

iAttackGen: Generative Synthesis of False Data Injection Attacks in Cyber-physical Systems
Md Hasan Shahriar (Florida International University, USA); Alvi Ataur Khalil (Florida International University, USA & Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh); Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman (Florida International University, USA); Mohammad Hossein Manshaei (Florida International University & Isfahan University of Technology, USA); Dong Chen (Florida International University, USA)

HiveGuard: A Network Security Monitoring Architecture for Zigbee Networks
Dimitrios-Georgios Akestoridis and Patrick Tague (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

13:50 - 15:10

Session 5A: E-commerce Security

  Session Chair: Xiangyu Xu (Southeast University)

HoneyBog: A Hybrid Webshell Honeypot Framework against Command Injection
Songsong Liu, Pengbin Feng and Kun Sun (George Mason University, USA)

"X-Phish: Days of Future Past": Adaptive & Privacy Preserving Phishing Detection
Shalin Deval (Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur, India); Meenakshi Tripathi (MNIT Jaipur, India); Bruhadeshwar Bezawada (Indian Institute of Technology Jammu, India); Indrakshi Ray (Colorado State University, USA)

Vibe: An Implicit Two-Factor Authentication using Vibration Signals
Eric Husa and Reza Tourani (Saint Louis University, USA)

Artificial Packet-Pair Dispersion (APPD): A Blackbox Approach to Verifying the Integrity of NFV Service Chains
Abu Saleh Muhammad Asadujjaman and Momen Oqaily (Concordia University, Canada); Yosr Jarraya (Ericsson Canada, Canada); Suryadipta Majumdar (Concordia University, Canada); Makan Pourzandi (Ericsson, Canada); Lingyu Wang and Mourad Debbabi (Concordia University, Canada)

13:50 - 15:10

Session 5B: Data and Application Security

  Session Chair: Pradeep K. Atrey (University at Albany)

Automatic Detection of Android Steganography Apps via Symbolic Execution and Tree Matching
Wenhao Chen, Li Lin, Jennifer Newman and Yong Guan (Iowa State University, USA)

Understanding and Mitigating Privacy Leaks from Third-Party Smart Speaker Apps
Abrar S. Alrumayh, Sarah M. Lehman and Chiu C. Tan (Temple University, USA)

Unconditional Authentication for Constrained Applications via Strong PUFs
Ahmed Bendary (The Ohio State University); Can Emre Koksal (The Ohio State University, USA); Daniel Canaday (Potomac Research LLC, USA); Andrew Pomerance (University of Maryland, USA)

CompKey: Exploiting Computer's Electromagnetic Radiation for Secret Key Generation
Fangfang Yang (UC Riverside, USA); Mohammad A Islam (University of Texas at Arlington, USA); Fan Wu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China); Shaolei Ren (University of California, Riverside, USA)

* All times listed are in East Standard Time (EST).