IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security
4–6 October 2021 // Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference Guidelines

Virtual Conference Guidelines and Preparation

As you know, due to the COVID-19 situation, CNS has been converted into a virtual conference, which will be held via the Zoom event platform. To prepare for the virtual conference, we ask you to submit a pre-recorded presentation (voice over PowerPoint) in advance.

Each paper will be given 20 minutes (15 minutes for presentation + 5 minutes for Q&A). At least one author must join the live virtual session to answer questions. Please carefully review the following guidelines and specifications before recording your presentation.

The deadline for all video submissions is Tuesday, September 21, 2021 (23:59 AoE)! 

Instructions for Recording Presentation

Recording should contain a prominent view of the presentation slides along with audio of the presenter. The recording may also contain a small headshot of the presenter. Many presentation software allows recording audio and video directly in the application and can export appropriate video files.

The presentation recording should:

  • Be 15-minute in length
  • Set for HD format (1280 x 720 or other "720p" setting)
  • Use simple (Arial, Calibri) and large (30+) fonts
  • Avoid using hi-res images
  • Have NO embedded videos
  • Saved as MPEG-4 (.mp4) file using the session ID and last name as the file name. For example: “Session-1A_Le.mp4”, "Poster_Smith.mp4"

For more information on how to pre-record your presentation, please look at this below.


  1. Follow these instructions to add audio (and optionally video) to your slides.
  2. Follow these instructions to generate a MPEG-4 (.mp4) file from your slides and audio/video.
  3. Alternatively, you can follow this video tutorial which goes through both of these steps. Also, see this video tutorial if you like. If you want to record your video using Zoom, you can follow this video tutorial.

Other Options

  1. Record your screen (and microphone) while giving the presentation. There are effective and free options to do this on LinuxmacOS, and Windows.
  2. As a last resort, and only if you are comfortable directly editing video, you can export your slides as images, record an audio track, and combine the two using software like ZoomkdenliveiMovie, or others.

Please be sure to review your recorded presentation prior to submission. Once you are happy with the final product, then please upload it to the IEEE CNS Google Drive.

The deadline to submit your recording presentation is September 21, 2021 (AoE).

For more information, please refer to the following guidelines for presenters.